Key features of the ENFIN organisation are:

•    ENFIN is a network of national forest inventory organisations. National and international organisations involved in forest resource assessments and
     reporting in European countries are also eligible for membership.

•    A steering group is elected at the annual meeting. The maximum term for each member is 5 years. A chairperson and a deputy chairperson are
     elected by the members of the group. The steering group decides on applications for membership. The Steering Group acts as a contact node
     to ENFIN between meetings and as a centre for initiatives to achieve the objectives of the network. Decisions about ENFIN objectives and
     organisation can only be made at the annual meeting.

•    Each organisation is free to decide in which of the ENFIN projects it participates and which ENFIN decisions it follows.

•    ENFIN has no continuous financing but will work for ensuring funding for networking activities and for development projects in line with the
     overall ambitions. Due to funding requirements, it is likely that new project based structures will be needed in parallel to the organisation
     suggested here. Such structures will be established on a case-by-case basis.

•    Thematic or regional groups may be formed for the conduction of specific projects.


How to become an ENFIN member?

Becoming a member of the ENFIN group requires the following two preconditions:

•    You should have access to National Forest Inventory data of your country and the permission to use them.

•    You have to sign the ENFIN - Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will also be signed by the ENFIN chair.