Article with serious deficiencies published in Nature

On July 1st 2020, an article was published in the scientific journal Nature. A group of researchers from the EU Joint Research Center (JRC) declared to have found an excessive increase of harvested forest area in Europe during the years 2016–2018.
The article has sparked considerable controversy and received substantial negative responses from forest experts across Europe who identified serious deficiencies in the applied methodology and the drawn conclusions. Representing the major forest monitoring programs, we, the European National Forest Inventories Network, feel the urgent need to counter some of its claims.

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  National Forest Inventories (NFIs) represent comprehensive, reliable, large-scale monitoring systems. ENFIN serves as a European network to promote NFIs, harmonise forest information and support decision makers in a broad range of forest related policies.

The overall objectives of ENFIN are to

•    provide a platform for the harmonisation of forest inventory information
     at European scale
•    optimise synergies between NFIs and promote new knowledge and
     enhanced methods
•    support forest policies with harmonised forest information and adapt
     data collection to new emerging policy needs.





Who we are

ENFIN is currently a network of more than      30 different institutions from 29 European Countries.

National representatives to the network are leaders of the NFIs or have direct access to NFI information.

Further Information

What we have done so far

Demands on European forests are manifold. The ENFIN network supports the provision of EU wide harmonised forest information by developing commonly accepted reference definitions and establishing solutions and methods to bridge gaps between national and reference definitions.

Further Information

Current activities

100 years Norwegian NFI: 19-23 May 2019 Conference information link

10th ENFIN meeting: May 2019 in the frame of the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian NFI.

DIABOLO project

- Final conference: Presentations, NFI-Posters
- Policy Brief link
- Harmonisation link
- More about DIABOLO

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