Towards a European Forest Monitoring System

The new EU Forest Strategy 2030 requires reliable data, transparent governance, and coordinated exchange at the EU level. National Forest Inventories (NFIs) in Europe can deliver precisely that.
Having 34 members in 31 European countries, ENFIN can provide a Europe-wide network of experienced NFI specialists and organisations that have collaborated in multiple projects, mainly focusing on the harmonization of forest data. Combined they have over half a million field plots producing detailed and compatible information with state of the art field surveys as well as remote sensing technologies. These data have long been used for strategic planning by the governments and more recently also in cooperation with the EU Commission.

Discussion paper

Luke-ENFIN Webinar January 2022




  National Forest Inventories (NFIs) represent comprehensive, reliable, large-scale monitoring systems. ENFIN serves as a European network to promote NFIs, harmonise forest information and support decision makers in a broad range of forest related policies.

The overall objectives of ENFIN are to

•    provide a platform for the harmonisation of forest inventory information
     at European scale
•    optimise synergies between NFIs and promote new knowledge and
     enhanced methods
•    support forest policies with harmonised forest information and adapt
     data collection to new emerging policy needs.





Who we are

ENFIN is currently a network of 34 different institutions from 31 European Countries.

National representatives to the network are leaders of the NFIs or have direct access to NFI information.

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What we have done so far

Demands on European forests are manifold. The ENFIN network supports the provision of EU wide harmonised forest information by developing commonly accepted reference definitions and establishing solutions and methods to bridge gaps between national and reference definitions.

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Current activities

Luke-ENFIN Webinar 27.1.2022
13:00-15:00 (CET) (more here)

Discussion paper

How ENFIN Envisions a European System for Forest Monitoring (more here)

Counterstatement to the Nature article "Abrupt increase in harvested forest area over Europe after 2015".  (more here)

DIABOLO project

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