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European National Forest Inventory Network – ENFIN
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8, 1131 Vienna, Austria

Chair of ENFIN:
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klemens Schadauer (Federal Research Centre for Forests, Austria)

Phone: +43 1 87838 - 1225
Fax: +43 1/878 38 - 1251

Editorial Staff:
Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Freudenschuß (Federal Research Centre for Forests, Austria)

Phone: +43 1 87838 - 1220

Business Subject:
ENFIN serves as a European network to promote National Forest Inventories (NFIs), harmonise forest information and support a broad range of forest related policies. The overall objectives of ENFIN are to provide a platform for the harmonisation of forest inventory information at European scale, to optimise synergies between NFIs and promote new knowledge and enhanced methods, and to support forest policies with harmonised forest information and adapt data collection to new emerging policy needs.

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